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Periodic Table

Periodic Table, formerly called BK Periodic Library, is the free interactive periodic table of the elements for Windows.


More Info

Here is a screen-shot of the main program window of Periodic Table. 

The window to the left is the main program window, home to the interactive periodic table. The window to the right is the element information window. As you click on different elements in the main window, the element information window updates to display the currently selected element. The elements are color-coded depending on whether they are solids, liquids or gases at the current temperature. You can change the temperature by manipulating the temperature slider (the scroll bar at the top of the main window). As you do so, the element colors update in real-time.

You can also search for a particular element:

By selecting the appropriate tab, you can choose to search for an element by its name, symbol or by any of its properties. If you search by property, you can narrow the search by typing in lower and upper bounds on the value of that specific property. When you update the list of elements, only the ones which are between the upper and lower limits will appear. When you have found the element you want, you can select it and return to the previous view where it will be selected and you can view its other properties.

Using the built-in graphing module, you can graph the different element properties, and observe the various periodic trends:

As you pass the mouse pointer over the graph, the number, name and symbol of the element you are currently hovering over appears on the status bar. If you wish to have a more in-depth look at one of the elements, simply double-click when you are over the desired element, and you will be returned to the main window where the element you have chosen will be selected and ready to view in the element information window.

End User License Agreement

ecobyte has released Periodic Table for free, but you must agree to the following terms:

  • You agree to admit your own fallibility and to embrace personal growth to the benefit of yourself, and those around you.

  • You agree to act responsibly towards the environment and to help improve the environment however you see fit.

  • You agree to treat all people with respect and to help other people in whatever way you are most passionate about.

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